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The digital franchise model of Smart Fusion is the perfect way to step into smart living and entrepreneurship.


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Venture into the exciting world of home automation franchising and make a difference in people's lives. Witness the transformative power of technology in everyday living.


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Introducing the Smart Fusion home automation franchise- Your gateway to success. Invest wisely and present a bright future for yourself!

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Welcome to the SmartFusion Home Automation Franchise, your portal to the future of smart living!

Smart Lighting
Experience lighting that adapts to your presence and the natural light available, maximizing energy efficiency without compromising on ambiance
Smart security
Our AI-powered surveillance systems offer a new level of protection, scanning, detecting, and tracking any potential threats.
Smart Energy
Monitor, control, and optimize your energy usage in real-time


Welcome to Smart Fusion Home Automation Franchise

At Smart Fusion, we pride ourselves on offering a home automation experience.

Friendly Support
Count on our friendly experts to assist you from the beginning to the end of the process.
Easy Customization
Tailor your smart home franchise empower you to personalize settings and schedules, ensuring your home works precisely how you want it to.
Expert Guidance
We provide comprehensive guidance and resources to help you navigate and optimize your smart home offerings effectively.
Focused Investment
By taking charge of rentals and operational expenses, you can focus on directing your investments toward business growth.
Continuous Improvement
Having the flexibility to set up your marketing team will help you adapt to market changes and capitalize on emerging trends.
Simple Setup
Home automation business franchise models require office spaces between 1000 and 1500 square feet, allowing your investment to focus on client experience and growth.

How it works?

Wonder how Smart Fusion works for your home? Here is a quick peek

Smart Fusion Hub
This central hub powers and orchestrates the entire network of devices, ensuring seamless automation and control.
Smart Switches
These devices are wirelessly connected to the Mia Hub, offering intuitive control through smart interfaces.
Smart Sensors
These sensors communicate back and forth with the Mia Hub, enabling the triggering of customized events.
Smart Interface
With a simple tap or voice command, homeowners can effortlessly manage and personalize their home environment from anywhere.

15,00,000 INR*

Welcome to the SmartFusion Home Automation Franchise, your portal to the future of smart living!

In the initial phase, franchise owners enjoy 100% profit from the first 10 sales.


Shape the Future of Smart Living with Smart Fusion

Experience in related fields complements the knowledge needed to excel as a home automation business franchisee.

Candidates with a background in business management, technology, or related fields bring valuable expertise to the franchise.

Above all, franchise owners should showcase dedication and enthusiasm for promoting and advancing the Smart Fusion brand.

Why Smart Fusion ?

Time saving
Cost Saving
Energy Efficiency
Comfort and convenience
Safety and security
Training and support
Business growth
Cutting-Edge Solutions

Smart Fusion Offerings

Experience Center Setup
Smart Fusion focuses on establishing an immersive Office Automation Experience Center, providing a compelling showcase of our cutting-edge solutions.
Marketing Creatives
From impactful flyers and brochures to detailed catalogs and eye-catching nameboards, Smart Fusion equips you with the tools to attract your audience effectively.
Supply of Smart Devices
Smart Fusion provides high-quality smart switches and other essential devices crucial for implementing a comprehensive home automation system.
Digital Marketing Support
In the crucial initial phase, Smart Fusion stands by your side, offering comprehensive digital marketing support for the first three months.

Happy Clients


Cities Covered

Device Installed

Dedicated Support

Each home automation franchising receives dedicated Territory Managers offering continuous support and guidance throughout your journey.

Count on our Site Engineer for meticulous site planning and hands-on installation support, ensuring seamless implementation.

A dedicated Customer Support team is available to address queries, concerns, and provide assistance whenever needed, ensuring unparalleled customer service.

Smart Fusion Franchise Model for Businesses

If you're seeking a profitable partnership, innovative technology integration, and a flexible business agreement, Smart Fusion invites businesses to explore the dynamic opportunities available through our franchise model. Ready to amplify your business with a home automation franchise? Partner with Smart Fusion today!

In the initial phase, franchise owners enjoy 100% profit from the first 10 sales. Thereafter, a sustainable partnership begins with 49% of the profit going to the franchise owner and 51% to Smart Fusion.
All billing transactions will be conducted through the POS system provided by Smart Fusion, ensuring accuracy and uniformity in financial transactions.
In the initial phase, Benefit from an integrated CRM and POS billing software, enhancing efficiency and streamlining operations within the franchise system.
The initial franchise agreement spans 11 months, providing flexibility for renewal post the 11th month based on mutual satisfaction and success.

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